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What is a Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance?

In Victoria, a Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance is a Certificate that can only be issued by a VBA registered building inspector or building surveyor after your swimming pool or spa has been inspected and deemed to comply with the applicable barrier standard.

How can I obtain a Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance?

The process is simple & convenient.

Book your inspection with Safety First Pool and Spa Inspections, and we will be in touch to confirm your preferred time and date. If your pool is deemed compliant the certificate of compliance will be issued within 24hrs.

Prior to a formal inspection, maximise your chances of success!!

You can conduct a self-assessment prior to a formal inspection. The following checklists will help you assess the safety of your barrier. The checklists are based on the relevant barrier standard associated with the date that the pool or spa was installed.

  • Checklist 1 (for pools and spas installed before 8 April 1991) (PDF, 674.37 KB) 

  • Checklist 2 (for pools and spas installed between 8 April 1991 and 30 April 2010) (PDF, 595.22 KB)

  • Checklist 3 (for pools and spas installed from 1 May 2010) (PDF, 3341.21 KB)


Please note, if you are having any work done on an existing safety barrier, a building permit may need to be issued to alter the barrier. Work to alter an existing barrier will need to comply with the current Regulations. Check with your local council or building surveyor for advice.

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Get your pool inspected and Certificate of Compliance now!